Saturday, November 20, 2010

Students: as Children, as Gamers, as Leaners

Children are engaged when they game. Children revel and excel at play. Children enjoy fair competition. Children love to learn.
Students aren't allowed to game. Students rarely get to play. Students are discouraged from being competitive. Students disregard learning.

When did playing a game, refining one's skills, honing self-awareness and challenging one's personal best somehow begin to be seen as non-synonymous with learning? When children play challenging games, in the physical or the virtual world, they are exemplifying an authentic love of learning.

As educators, we are responsible for creating 21st century learning environments for our students and ourselves. This climate must be real. We must stop calling the world outside of school, the real world. We need to acknowledge the attachment children have to gaming, encourage it and start to understand that it is reflective of a passion for challenge, growth and continued learning. Let gaming invade your classroom!

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