Saturday, January 1, 2011


In 2011 I am going to blog about all the things that are new school.

It's fun to reminisce about old school nostalgia, the good 'ol days and the times when life was simple, of course, but what's really hot right now is the future and all the possibilities and opportunities that are becoming available to us on a global scale. Technology infused curriculum, transdiciplinary learning, 21st century classrooms, global communication skills, innovation, collaboration, synthesis, production, application and best of all, the real world. School no longer needs to prepare students for the real world after graduation, because teachers are starting to respect the fact that school is the real word. We are always learning, always growing and capable of joining the ranks of life beyond the classroom at any age. School doesn't have to be an institution designated to prepare us for life. New school can be life itself, an investigation into how we live it and how the world works.

All these things make being a teacher and a learner so fabulously exciting and rich. Stay tuned for snip-its from the highly creative and powerful ideas that are all the buzz of my new school. Back to the future... and back to school.

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